MSP Advisory Board Members

The ASCII Group Member Advisory Board is a foundational element of our community. This diverse group of members help guide ASCII's roadmap, provide feedback on current programs and act as a catalyst for generating new ideas that will benefit the larger community. Their experience and insight is invaluable and we thank them for their commitment to The ASCII Group. 

Matt Adkins
VanGuard Technologies, Ohio
Joe Balsarotti
Software To Go, Missouri
Howard Cunningham
Macro Systems, Virginia
C.J. Ezell
PointClear Networks, Alabama
Des Dougan
Dougan Consulting Group, BC
Thomas Fox
Tech Experts, Michigan
Raffi Jamgotchian
Triada Networks, New Jersey
Sean Jennings
C.I.M. Solutions Inc., Ontario
Chad Kempt
Fast Computers, Ontario
Stanley Louissaint
Fluid Designs, Inc., New Jersey
Ed Mana
Technology on Demand, NJ
Stephen Monk
Noverus Innovations, California
Kevin Rubin
Stratosphere Networks, Illinois
David Stinner
US itek, New York
Tony Stirk
Iron Horse, Virginia