"The company you are doing business with is unique. Unlike other companies that provide technical guidance and services based on their own individual knowledge, this company strives to learn from a larger community of experts across the country.

Through participation in The ASCII Group, the largest independent group of solution providers in North America, our members learn best practices from one another and understand deeply the challenges that are facing businesses today.

Your company is simply not gaining trusted advice from just one individual’s expertise but hundreds across the country.

The large network of information we share in our community can save your company time and money from misguided investments on technology.

Most of us have had to deal with a salesperson who tried to sell us something without taking the time to find out what we really need.  ASCII members take the opposite approach.  They talk with you, not to you.  ASCII members learn what your computer needs are and then create an individualized solution based on those needs.

After they’ve implemented your solution, ASCII members maintain your system to prevent problems BEFORE they occur.

We know how hard it is to run a business and our members do as well."

Jerry Koutavas


The ASCII Group, Inc.