To whom it may concern:

Founded in 1984, and currently with over $5 billion in system wide sales and over 1,000 member businesses, The ASCII Group (ASCII)  is the nation’s oldest and largest group of independent information technology (IT) solution providers.  ASCII has over 70 programs designed to help its members, which in turn allows them to better serve their customers.  How does it help you by having your IT provider be an ASCII member?

Community Power
ASCII members benefit by being part of a larger community of dealers around the country.   ASCII has created a vibrant member forum where ASCII members trade thousands of messages each month to network and learn from each other.  There, they can obtain recommendations on winning solutions, partner with other ASCII members where a specific expertise is needed, learn how to fix issues, and more.  This collective brainpower ensures that you get the best solution that fits your unique circumstances, and the knowledge base to quickly solve any problems.

Individualized Solutions
Most of us have had to deal with a salesperson who tried to sell us something without taking the time to find out what we really need.  ASCII members take the opposite approach.  They talk with you, not to you.  ASCII members learn what your computer needs are and then create an individualized solution based on those needs.  After they’ve implemented your solution, ASCII members maintain your system to prevent problems BEFORE they occur

Technical Knowledge
ASCII members are not tied to any particular manufacturer, so they take the time to stay updated on the latest technology and learn about the positives and negatives of manufacturers’ products.

Jerry Koutavas


The ASCII Group, Inc.